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How To Advertise Your Discord Server

If you want your discord server you must advertise your server wherever it is possible. This will help more people knowing about the server. There are many ways to make your server more popular.

  1. Active Community Attracts Members

If you want to attract more members to your Discord server, then you must keep it active. Having a regular conversation with different members will keep the server active. When there are talks on interesting topics, more people will be tempted to join the server. You can dedicate one channel where people can talk freely.

  1. Make Your Server Interesting

Your server must have some interesting aspects for people to join. If you are just having a server for people to hang out, it will probably have very few members. You can check the type of Discord servers that exist and try to create something new. You can find interesting activities to keep the members remaining active on the server. You can also try advertising which is something that can attract a lot of people. You must have innovative ideas to make your server something for people to look forward to.

You must always make your topic more specific. Nobody likes generic topics. Find out topics that are well-defined and people can talk about it. Specific topics make it more interesting for people to join.

  1. Advertise Your Server

There are different websites which advertise discord servers. Placing an advertisement on those websites will help to grow your discord server. You can also find out other servers that will allow you to advertise there. It is nice if you can get members from servers that have a lot of members. This is a sure way to increase the number of members on your server. Many of the servers may allow it if they see that your server is offering something different from theirs. People who are in those servers may be interested in your activities.

  1. Take Help From Friends

Nothing works like word-of-mouth marketing. Get your friends to talk to their friends about your server. Request your friends to join and ask them to get their friends along with them. This can be a very good way to increase the members of your discord server.

Instead of such difficult methods there is an easy way to popularize your discord server. Hand over the job to us see how quickly you are getting more people to join your discord server community and make it popular.


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