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How To Advertise On Pinterest

Pinterest is a site that attracts a lot of people searching for products. What is most attractive for new businesses is that most of the people who search for products searched without a brand name. This means that these people are open to trying new products. This gives a great opportunity for new businesses to expand their brand awareness and get more sales. Pinterest offers you various options to advertise on its platform. Let us look at how you can improve your brand awareness using Pinterest. Before you start advertising you must know the types of ads that you can place on Pinterest.

Promoted Pins

These look like normal pins except for the "promoted" label on them. They appear in the home feed and search results just like other pins. People can pin them to their boards. They can also share these pins and comment on them. One of the specialties of this kind of pin is that the "promoted" label disappears when someone shares the pin. Repins that is done after the share is free. When someone clicks your ad or taps on it, they are led directly to your landing page. 

Promoted Carousals

These are ads that have multiple images. The Pinners can swipe through the images. They also look and behave the same way as promoted pins. In the carousel, a click on each image can give different results. They can lead to different landing pages. This kind of ad is good to advertise different features of a product. A click on each feature can lead to different pages that explain the feature. This is very good to satisfy the interests of different people. Each image can also have different texts on them.

Promoted Video Pins

This form of advertisement is similar to promoted pins. Instead of the image, you can post a video in this ad. This video will appear in the home feed, search results and the "more like this" section that appears along with the videos. Most Pinners watch the video without sound. This means that you must create a video that doesn’t depend on sound for effectiveness.

You can post videos in two formats. You have the standard and max-width formats. The standard width video will appear like the regular pins. The max-width videos will fill the space in the feed. This means lesser distractions from other elements. You must, naturally, pay more for the max-width video ads.

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