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How To Promote Etsy Shop

If you have just posted your products on your Etsy shop and hoping to make a huge sale, then you are just dreaming. It doesn't happen that way. You must promote your Etsy shop and ensure that people see the products and know about it. Nobody buys a product the first time they see it. They must see it many times before they make up their mind. This means that you must make your products be seen by the customers in many places before they decide to buy them. There are certain ways that are sure to improve your sales greatly.

Using Your Social Media Accounts

When you are on social media there is huge visibility. Make beautiful pictures of your products and post them on Instagram and Pinterest. If you have a good following on these platforms, then you can be sure of seeing an increase in the sales of your products. You must also work on getting more followers for your accounts.

Product Roundup

This is a great way for people who don't have a big following on social media. What you can do is create a theme around your products. If you are selling healthy food items, then create a theme called healthy breakfast. You can add other products that don't compete with yours but will complement them. You can add the pictures of these products also to your theme. Number the products in the picture and create links to all the shops that sell the other products.

Make the pictures suitable for Instagram and Pinterest. Send the picture to the sellers of other products and inform them what you have done. Request them to share the pictures with their customers and friends. This will give publicity to your products as well as theirs. With a few people sharing the pictures, the exposure will certainly be good.


This is an excellent way to promote your products in the Etsy shop. You can get people who are blogging on subjects that relate to your products, to write about your products. You can offer them some free samples to try and convince themselves. If they include the name of your products in their blogs that can be a huge publicity for you. Many bloggers are highly influential and have a huge following.

Social media marketing needs special skills to grab the attention of people. It is better that experts handle the job. Our social media experts have helped many businesses to grow quickly and make it big through social media marketing.


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